The Woodland.

Our back to nature and the way it used to be. We let the children explore, play, jump, climb and cook mud pies in Secret Woods.
Nature in the Heart of the City is such a surprise, our woodland area is great for adventure

The Secret Garden Woodland has lots for the children to do and explore. The mud kitchen is popular for messy and creative play. For the adventurous there is the tyre swing and the balance logs are great for practicing skills as are our stepping logs. 


The area is framed with our lovely woodland scene featuring a ginger bread house!   There is also a range of educational nature boards and the best things is the entire area changes with the season as the leaves grow and colour and then drop to the ground.

Tel: Eastgate 01452 552 108 / Tuffley 01452 548 711 Tredworth 01452 324 456 
Ofsted Ref: EY477661 - Secret Garden Children's Nursery School
Monday to Friday / 7.30am to 6pm

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