Secret Station.

The children get to play on Oaksey our wooden train and a host of other vehicles. Great fun.
Trains & children a perfect combination and The Secret Garden has its own train and platform!

Passenger or train driver? The children  get to role play and use their imagination at The Secret Garden train station.  Our great wooden train 'Oaksey' is a firm favourite and certainly gets played with lots each day.  The platform has seats for the children to rest on or to group together and it also contains a pirate themed area as well as having our outdoor music making area for the children to bang and crash around on. 

Tel: Eastgate 01452 552 108 / Tuffley 01452 548 711 Tredworth 01452 324 456 
Ofsted Ref: EY477661 - Secret Garden Children's Nursery School
Monday to Friday / 7.30am to 6pm

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