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We know you will be delighted with The Secret Garden nursery and our garden is a hidden delight.  To the rear of the property is a walled garden right out of the Victorian era.  The 12 foot high brick wall that surrounds it makes a perfect safe sanctuary for the children.  The garden is split into a variety of fun activity led zones for the children of all ages to enjoy.  From pets, to nature, gardening, growing and finally of course playground fun.  It has to be seen to appreciate how much the kids love it.

Zoned playground

Nature Zone

All weather area

Fort Treehouse

Planting Zone

Woodland Area
Mud Kitchen

For wet days we have our all weather play zone, perfect for driving a toy car, scooters or running around.​


With the seasons the gardens changes, so throughout the year the children get to enjoy different aspects of life.  From the blossoms of spring with its new growth, to the flowering of summer and watching the vegetables grow to the bounty of harvest autumn with its wonderful colours.


Beach Area
Secret Fort
Shoe People Garage
Fun areas
Secret Woodland
Climbing Fun
Mud Kitchen
Outdoor Classroom
Outdoor Toilets
Outdoor Classroom
Bug Hotel
Outdoor Activities
Education boards
Covered Sand Pit area
Climbing wall
Enjoying the Woodland area
Shrub area
Flying the flag
8 in 1 Little Tikes Climbing frame
Tyre play
Allotment growing area
All weather area
Wooden Playhouse
The High Street
Mud Kitchen cooking
Enjoying the garden
Woodland Stepping stones
Planting area
Slide time
Balance bars
Traffic roundabouts