The Nursery from the air.

It is hard to take in all that the Secret Garden Nursery's garden has to offer your children.  So we thought we would help with some drone photos taking it all in.
It is such a surprise when you see our garden from the air. A true Oasis in the city centre

Our garden in the city centre is an a calm and tranquil oasis in Gloucester City Centre. It gives children the opportunity to explore and have fun in a green and save environmnet.  A true Oasis as these aerial photos capture uniquely from the air.

Tel: Eastgate 01452 552 108 / Tuffley 01452 548 711 Tredworth 01452 324 456 
Ofsted Ref: EY477661 - Secret Garden Children's Nursery School
Monday to Friday / 7.30am to 6pm

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